Going on a road trip? First complete these maintenance tasks

Going on a road trip? First complete these maintenance tasks

As the warm sun shines over a reopening county, the open road is calling. By completing certain maintenance tasks before your departure, you'll help to ensure that your vehicle performs safely and reliably. At Brookside Auto Rx, we can complete any kind of maintenance that your vehicle requires before you set out on your journey.

Important Types of Road Trip Auto Maintenance

There are certain maintenance tasks that will help your car handle the heat. To minimize the risk of overheating causing serious engine damage, we can conduct cooling system service. During this service, we'll check over your cooling system and make sure that all components can be trusted to keep your engine at a healthy temperature. It's generally best to get your coolant exchanged at intervals of 30,000 miles, but you can check your owner's manual for your car's precise guidelines. You can also keep the heat in check by getting AC service. When we conduct AC service, we'll ensure that all system components are functioning properly. When the temperature spikes, a healthy AC system will play a pivotal role in enabling you and your family to remain comfortable and able to enjoy the drive.

While driving through scenic areas, you just never know when you might cross paths with a darting deer or a driver who is paying greater attention to their camera than to the road. With all the roadway risks that you could encounter during your road trip, it's very important that your brakes are working just like they should. During brake service, we'll check over your braking system and conduct any basic brake maintenance that is needed, such as replacing worn-out pads. Another way to boost safety is to make sure you're driving with correct tire pressure. Tire pressure generally needs to be somewhere between 30 and 35 psi. You'll want to check your tires' exact pressure specification and then inflate them accordingly, which will reduce the risk of a blowout, while also potentially boosting MPGs. And you can easily improve safety by changing out old wiper blades. With new wiper blades, you'll have a safer view of the road ahead if heavy rains suddenly start pouring over the road.

Auto Maintenance in Kansas City

If you need auto maintenance before you set out on your expedition, contact Brookside Auto Rx at (816) 323-8700. At our local auto shop, we can conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your car needs before your adventure. Feel free to call us today to make an appointment for auto maintenance in Kansas City, MO!

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Posted: July 31, 2021

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